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If there is one word that defines the surfing life of Van Curaza, it’s EXPERIENCE. Whether competitive surfing; surf instructing; traveling; shaping handmade, custom surfboards for local and professional clientele; or surf retailing, Van has devoted decades of his life to surfing. The sum of these experiences equates to a trusted professional with a passion for sharing his knowledge through close guidance and attention to students.

From the knowledge gained through his years as a traveling professional tackling breaks from Indonesia and Tahiti and contesting waves on Hawaii’s famed North Shore and along the coast of his home state California; from instilling in students aged five to 83 the fundamentals of the sport and the stoke of the ocean since his first lesson at Pismo Beach in 1984 and into his fifth summer in 2008 as an instructor and camp counselor at Richard Schmidt’s renowned Surf School in Santa Cruz; to his almost twenty years of shaping experience that provides students with a basic understanding of equipment; Van’s enthusiasm and experience as a qualified surf instructor are as deep as the tubes he regularly finds at the reefs around his Central Coast home.

In 2008 Van took his passion for teaching decided to use it to help others. He created the non-profit organization Amazing Surf Adventures to help those in need overcome their percieved life challenges through surfing. Serving wounded military, veterans, at-risk youth, children and adults with disabilities and children affected by Cancer, ASA has helped hundreds of individuals. Click here to find our more.

"I don’t want to be characterized as the common Pusher," says Van. "You know, when you see the surf instructors out there push someone on the wave. I don’t do that. I teach people to be a Surfer."

"Just to glide along the water on a board is the greatest thrill I can think of. I like bringing that to the people. It’s my passion."

This passion means that all students, during every lesson and camp, can anticipate an exhilarating experience as well as an educational one, so that their pursuit of surfing starts on the best possible footing.