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Experience the tranquility of one of California's most preserved coastlines. VCSS offers a variety of surf camps in the Central California Coast. Our goals for the Billabong Camps are surfing, safety and fun. We want to push each individual's surfing skills to the next level whether beginner, intermediate, advanced, physical or cognitive disabled, or requiring special needs.

Richard Schmidt on Van and the VCSS:
"I've had Van work at our summer surf camps as the main counseler for six years. Having him help with the program has been invaluable. He is hands-on from helping with cooking, stacking firewood and the many other tasks too numerous to mention that arise during the week. He is a self-motivator. He helped with whatever he could without having to be asked as he has a good sense of knowing what needed to happen.

The best thing about Van is how he relates to the clients – especially the kids. Like all great teachers, he has a strong presence where kids immediately respect him, yet he can relate to them on their levels as he keeps the big kid in him alive. His athletic prowess in the water matches his social skills so he is an amazing surf instructor. When he said he wanted to do something similar on the central coast where he lives I couldn't help but be stoked for him even though I know I will miss him greatly during my programs. I can recommend anyone to his program knowing they will be taken care of by a responsible man with integrity and skills suited perfectly for a surf camp."

– Richard Schmidt, veteran surfer and founder of the Richard Schmidt Surf School